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Posted on November 20 2023


On Thursday 15.11.23, in the walls of TFH, a collection of headscarves by the Belarusian artist Cemra was presented. The artist created 4 headscarves designs based on her most prominent artworks. The exposition was divided into two parts. The theme of the first one was Spadčyna-belarusian for heritage. This part consisted of 3 headscarves designs dedicated to Belarusian heritage. The motto of the second part of the exhibition was “ Buy art from living artists”. On the basis of her painting dedicated to artists, Cemra created a headscarf that drew the audience’s attention to how important it is to support contemporary artists. The presentation began with a very sacred and intimate gesture - 8 singers divided in pairs tied headscarves on each other's heads while singing acapella. During the presentation, visitors were able to talk to the artist, try on and purchase the scarves. The event was accompanied by music by SOL ABYSSORUM, SNEGUOLE, ŠUMA. The presentation ended with a performance - at 21:48 the artist stood in the store's window display holding a ručnik in her hands and stood still until 22: 00. 4 designs of headscarves as well as ručnik are available at Szpitalna 8, Mn-St 11-20. Art is in style! Ph by @pkritchko.



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