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From Warsaw To London – New Fashion Partnership Will Grow CEE Designers

Posted on October 30 2018

From Warsaw To London – New Fashion Partnership Will Grow CEE Designers

London fashion agency Fashion Bloc and Warsaw-based concept store TFH Koncept are looking into new ways of establishing emerging Europe as a fashion destination.


Historically considered as younger sisters (hence, always wearing their older siblings’ outgrown old-fashioned clothes) to European fashion capitals, former Eastern bloc countries such as Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Lithuania and others are finally making their original mark in the global fashion industry.


For the last couple of years, fashion editors have been keeping an eye on the New European capitals in search of raw, original and soon to be influential talents. With the emergence of Vogue Poland and a soon to be Czech-Slovak edition of Vogue, it’s official – Central-Eastern Europe is on the fashion map.


‘If only based on the predictive success of Vogue Poland, Eastern Europe has the market, the interest and the editorial talent. It's here to stay’.[1]


On a mission to celebrate fashion talent from emerging fashion capitals in Europe, London fashion agency Fashion Blocand TFH Koncepta Warsaw-based concept store joined forces to create an international fashion hub for CEE designers and lifestyle brands.


TFH Konceptis the only concept store in Central Europe uniting designers and brands from across the region under one roof. Their category-leading concept store in Warsaw works with brands such as Justin Beiber endorsed Local Heroes, extraordinary Kas Kryst or bespoke Bajoras. Retail and agency concept helped TFH to achieve success in a couple of years to promote and support the development of upcoming and established fashion brands.


London-based Fashion Bloc has been supporting designers and creators from New fashion capitals for the last five years, including such brands as Ukrainian avant-garde designer DZHUSor Lithuanian sustainable knitwear brand The Knotty Ones. Fashion Bloc has been pioneering the Eastern European fashion wave internationally even before Gosha Rubchinskiy was the toast of the town or Vetementswas a must-have.


“Together we are aiming to help most promising designers from the region achieve international success and recognition by providing them a retail concept and business support. We are happy to be able to do both – celebrate our talent within our region, where TFH is based, and open them a window to a global fashion market, with a help from Fashion Bloc”, claims Lithuanian-born Fashion Bloc founder Ieva Zu.


Ieva Zu and Tomasz Pozlewicz, Partner at TFH Koncept, agreed to cooperate and create a stronger representation of Central-Eastern European designers inside and outside the region by providing a complete package for the upcoming designers, focusing on business growth.


“We are now on the lookout for talented designers across the region who would like to join the revolutionary movement and lead the new wave of talent from emerging Europe”, Tomasz Pozlewicz explains further steps of the collaboration.


Connect with TFH Koncept @tfhkoncept and Fashion Bloc @fashionbloc on Social Media


For more information, contact Tomasz Pozlewicz at tomasz@WeAreTFH.comor Ieva Zu


[1]‘Why the fashion editorial world is looking to Eastern Europe?’ 17 August 2017,


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