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HALLOWEEN. Be afraid. Théâtre Des Curiosités

Posted on October 21 2021

HALLOWEEN. Be afraid. Théâtre Des Curiosités
Halloween is getting close.

All Ghosts and Bogeys will have their biggest ball!
You are invited to join us on Thursday, October 28 for a great start to Halloween celebrations during the second edition Théâtre Des Curiosités.
This time we will surprise you with scary clowns, bloody ballerinas, Vampires and other characters from the worst nightmares and horror movies. You will see a scary and chilling show performed by: Nathalie Sonnenschine, Paweł Kułaga and Milena Szcukiecka
Hosts: TFH Koncept, Nathalie Sonnenschine
Dress code: Dreamers
TICKETS: or at Szpitalna 8.


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