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Oblivious to restraint – Benas BAR Premiere x Jaga Hupało

Posted on October 30 2018

Oblivious to restraint – Benas BAR Premiere x Jaga Hupało

An opening event for a collection of works (a clothing line complemented by the performance and other visual art pieces) done by artist Benas BAR

Benas Baranauskas is a visual artist based in London.
He has always had an exceptional attitude towards art. Simple, already known ways of making art would never suffice him since he always looks for his own meaning and perceptions. Benas lives in a spirit of braveness – he would loudly stand for his beliefs when the rest of society is silent. His work is described as powerful, it is a power you cannot fully understand, a power to do the impossible, to be daring, to run into a fire and instead of getting burnt to get rewarded. He is a night child, a night child who is also a knight of the highest light. From having his pieces in Paris Fashion Weeks 2017 and 2018, editorials in magazines such as Noctis, Vogue, directing projects with Lily Gatins and other inspirational artists among avant-garde society, to leaving a deep footprint of love and magic in everyday lives.

The most important thing is not what you see, because some of the things may not be visible,- might be beyond places we can touch. The only proof is yourself and where you are. Maybe the galaxy is inside of you and everything else is just a projection of your theory. The capacities that you have achieved, the conditions of your own self, the experiences and connections that you have. Oblivious to restraint. BAR

September equinox
Szpitalna 8
00-031 Warsaw, Poland
TFH Koncept – clothes, objects, ideas


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