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Théâtre Des Curiosités - Strange Beauty

Posted on January 11 2022

Théâtre Des Curiosités - Strange Beauty

Why is that beauty at times frightens or disgusts, when seen through perception of others? It is simple - beauty has many names, faces. It can even be weird.


On January 27, we invite you to a unique event "Théâtre des curiosités - Strange Beauty", truly artistic and philosophical.

You will have the possibility to experience more than one variety of beauty. It will amaze and terrify you. It will confuse and charm you. You are due to be delighted! 


Performances scheduled for the event:

Paweł Kułaga,

Carmen del Fuego,

and Nathalie Sonnenschine, who will reveal the strange beauty to you in consonance with the extraordinary venue of TFH Koncept.


We invite you to the event

TFH Concept

and Nathalie Sonnenschine




PLN 100 - single invitation

170 PLN - double invitation



on the website and


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