Smells Like Spells production is a harmonized combination of natural fibre, ecology and a drop of esoteric know how. Each product is hand crafted, followed by original recipes, synchronized of both – traditional folk wisdom and experience, also modern perfumery, candle and incense craft methodology. We discover the tender distance between daily usage of unique products and the touch of magic in our life. It is a kind of charming exclusive game that brings a piece of secret to our routine.

We created this collection of scented candles inspired by incantation texts from different parts of the world. Having collected a large collection of texts, we entrusted their interpretation to probably the most famous Lithuanian silkscreen artist M. P. Vilutis.

The Certificate of Authenticity for every scented candle certifies that the porcelain scented candle jar with cover (decal and gilded details on it) is an original artwork by the artist M.P. Vilutis available exclusively through Smells Like Spells and authorized Smells Like Spells dealers. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by Smells Like Spells. This Certificate of Authenticity and scented candle jar with cover (decal and gilded details on it) are each certified through the Authenticity number: number of the jar / quantity of prints in edition / number of the editions.