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„Black Cat White Cat” card

19,00 zl PLN

A greeting card with a love pattern presenting a cat couple. For anyone with a sense of humour and appreciative of artful design. Ideal for a wedding. 

Set elements:


Opened vertically, made of high quality wood-free Mohawk 270g paper, with a delicate ivory shade. Folded, the card is 137 x 90mm; unfolded, it is 137 x 210mm. 

Belly band:

It is an eye-catching complement to the set. With a small round cut through which you can see an individual piece of the pattern. It is imprinted with „Miłości…” (Love). Made of Mohawk 148g paper. 


With an ivory shade. Hand assembled and lined inside. It has a delicate embossing with the brand name. Measurements: 145 x 97mm. 


Used to seal the envelope.