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Men in this Town: Alone in a Crowd

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Men In This Town: Alone in a Crowd is an extension of Giuseppe Santamaria's successful first books Men in this Town and Women in this Town. The title refers to both Giuseppe, as the photographer, and the candid street shots of individuals captured in his pictures.Alone in a crowd, Giuseppe's third title, once again turns the spotlight on men's fashion in cities around the world - including his home-town Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, New York, and his childhood home, Toronto. Some shots capture menswear enthusiasts outside the fashion week shows in respective cities, others celebrate the everyday style of men - on the streets, at work and at play.

Regardless of the setting, Giuseppe's approach has always been as an outsider looking in, observing a particular quality about his subjects' personal style and how they hold themselves as they go about their day.

This collection - which includes contemporary urban looks and traditional sartorial style and everything in between - spans the author's travels from 2014 to 2016, starting in New York and ending in Toronto.