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Smells Like Spells


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The candle marked with number 18 of the Major Arcana – The Moon. When the Sun sets and the Moon rises, the secret and unfamiliar nocturnal world is revealed together with our hidden passions, desires, expectations and character traits, which during the day we hide even from ourselves. Our true face, our real “me” emerge only when no one sees us. Only then we truly become ourselves. Sometimes it might seem like a sudden change, but it simply is the release of our deeply hidden essence. The Moon also symbolizes illusions, false hopes, fears and depressive thoughts. When the Sun is away, the whole world looks mysterious and unfamiliar, therefore it might seem to be frightening or even hostile. However, it is not the nocturnal world that is hostile towards us – we ourselves created fears in our minds.

Included with this candle you will find one of the 22 Major Arcana cards, which, in combination with The Moon, may suggest how and at what level the archetype of The Moon manifests itself in your life. Suggested affirmations and the magical water lily, fig, white musk, opium, sandalwood fragrance may help you to release your deeply hidden essence.