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  • Velourity Tee

Velourity Tee

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Welcome to VELOURITY tee: t-shirt that makes mædness.

The soft, plush texture of velour can provide an interesting contrast to the theme of the collection FW’23/24 SINKING, which may conjure images of depth and immersion. This contrast can create a compelling visual and tactile experience for the wearer. Crystal logo MÆD. makes it 100000% fancy!

Made of 100% eco-polyester this corset hoodie is handcrafted by our team to feel cozy and loved. Oversize fit available in 2 sizes (Small and BIG). Long and wide sleeves. Logo made of crystals. Appropriate for men!

The model’s parameters:
bust – 92 cm
waist – 68 cm
hips – 98 cm
height – 188 cm