My jewellery contains images from all over the world. The interaction of different cultures,  traditions and symbols of the ancients, the intertwining of eras. I am very bold to giving the history a modern look. I am inspired by history and listen to it. African motifs, medieval Europe, and Eastern culture come together to create a unique modern jewellery.

A symbiosis of the simplicity of my design of my jewellery, and the perfection of the metal from which they are made.

The true meaning of jewellery cannot be described through words, it can only be felt through contact with the beauty of jewellery, with its soul.

Jewellery is created for touch. For constant contact.

The balance of the moving elements, the drops, the solid details. The harmony of leather and noble metal.

"The combination of the ancient and the present, gives birth to the eternal. " Maryna Haretskaya.