We've always dreamt of a space, where there are no periods of art, no borders, no stereotypes. A place without any choices or pain, free of orders. A place without limits, where you are free to love, free to feel, excluding market, sales, collections and shows. A place, where rape,  violence, or pressure are non-existent. It is now created. No more communism, no more war, no more excess of form over substance. We value content, roots and community. These are of the outmost importance to us.
Are you a dreamer? Our house is open to you. Come in, enjoy, ask, have a drink - do whatever you want. Dance, dress, redress, sing, change. But remember, everything is temporary. Slow down and try to touch and see with tenderness. You might find something that will give you strength, value, desire. Something that you've dreamt of having, but only freed from the environment you may achieve. Dare to be with us, stay with us. Move, stop and move.
We won't tell you who you have to be. We will not try to fix you. Stay bold. Be yourself. Can you feel it? There are hundreds of us. We are growing. You are not alone. Think. Explore. Achieve.
We are TFH
TFH displays an impressive selection of carefully selected clothes, accessories, design and art from a variety of Polish as well as international designers and artists. TFH is in business for over 12 years, which makes it the longest running concept store in Warsaw.