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Bracelet "Simple_5" Silver bangle Bracelet

1.250,00 zl PLN

One-piece SimpleFive bracelet with a circular section, slides down under the force of gravity on five different sides. Five, as a renunciation of all limitations. 

Silver, still hard, but already soft enough to succumb to fluidity and change its shape. The desire to be independent and completely free. 

The Simple collection was inspired by Japanese philosophy and my love for simplicity.

There is nothing more beautiful than simple. Soft lines, smooth curves, a hint of the living and moving. The powerful power contained in this simplicity, beauty and tranquility makes us touch the pieces, enjoy them. 

"Nothing is eternal, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect" Wabi-Sabi

S P E C S:
Diameter: Approx. 65 mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver