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Pendant "Pendulum Small"

445,00 zl PLN

Dowsing Pendulum Small necklace

A harmony of balance between solidified silver and the state of a human soul. 

The silver pendant in the shape of a popsicle tip was born the first among my jewellery. It is a symbol of my own balance. My firm footing within myself. 

My clear understanding of where I am going and for what. What I really want. 

The true meaning of the pendulum cannot be described through words, it can only be felt through contact with its form, its soul.

It is made of a solid piece of silver, so it is quite heavy. This is important. 

The pendulum feels good on the neck. It catches the eye, draws attention to itself. 

It is made to feel. 

S P E C S:
Length: Approx. 35 mm
Material: 925 Sterling Silver